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Delaware, On, Canada


Our interests are what we do to make you happy!

Skills and Techniques

We figured we'd have a conversation with you about our sizes and styles we offer. The usual "straight Post" cuff links are a good choice for a lot of occasions, but now that we make the "Folding Post" style we realize how diverse they actually are. Firstly, when wearing the folding post style, I noticed there is more "give" to them.

They adjust to situations where, resting your arm on something, they follow the contour and don't just sit uncomfortably under your wrist or arm. They allow the flexibility and comfort and you don't even notice you're wearing them.

Get to Know


Kustom Kufflinks started as just a way to try something new. It wasn't expected to take off how it did. I tried different ways of customizing, and finally came up with my unique style. Here you will find high quality craftsmanship, made completely by hand, as ordered. You won't find anything "stock", I design your order and make them, as you want, and order.

I have listed in other areas, and found that, although you get a lot of traffic, you also get a lot of "rival" dealers and crafters, trying to demean your work, and actually turn to slander to sabotage you and your reputation. So I decided to open my own domain, to avoid the drama of rivals jealousy and lies. This is a site to enjoy and get the quality work you want and that i KNOW I give!

We have done wedding packages of at least 5 pairs +, up to 15 pairs. From Superhero themes to Sports teams, Star Wars and even Movie themes... I CAN do them all, and have! My work is second to none, and I GUARANTEE my work fully to your satisfaction.

If you have seen images I have on "other" sites, It's probably due to them copying and pasting my images. I was selling (purposely) images I hadn't seen ANYWHERE, then when out of nowhere, shops that had been around forever and weren't selling, started using my images. It became SO ridiculous that I took my listings down, and have a HUGE stockpile of images ready to go that NO ONE has. If you want quality work, by someone who really does enjoy creating them, then you came to the right place! I put 150% effort into EVERY single pair I make.

Ask me about wedding packages for YOUR special day! I give discounts on 4 pair orders and up.

We understand returns are sometimes unavoidable, but as these are custom made as ordered, all sales are final. All of our products are sent out in pristine working order, And appearance, and are triple checked before packaging. Any damages noticed upon receipt happened during shipment, and is not the responsibility of Kustom Kufflinks(TM). We thank you.