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Milwaukee, WI, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm an eclectic weirdo! I love yarn and making things! Ask me about custom items or wholesale orders/ consignment.


crocheting, knitting , yarn, clothing, jewelry ,accessories , mohawk hats, fabrication, design, warm, winter trends, scarf, cowl, fingerless gloves, sweater, dress, sweater dress, chainmaille, corset, metal work,bright colors , rainbow

fashion, gau

Skills and Techniques

I sew, crochet, knit, assemble, cut , style, and design.

Find me online @:

http://leaflee.com http://www.etsy.com/shop/LeafLee… http://www.facebook.com/leaflees… https://twitter.com/#!/LeafLee

Get to Know

I'm an eclectic weirdo. I went to THE School Of The Art Institute and studied sculpture and ceramics. Getting a BFA at a school like that taught me how to blow smoke at mirrors in an indulgent artistic statement and here it is--

Of the many forces that guide my work one stands out: chaos. I try to control the chaos to an extent, but work mostly intuitively. The chaos of our modern world can induce stress or even madness at times but it also serves as my muse. Entropy left to its own devices can be destructive or confusing though one who looks at my work can see chaos transformed into a clear artistic vision. That is how I work, frenetically assembling to create an attention-grabbing piece. I learn and understand the world around me through creation, applying the confusion of chaos to a tangible medium. I am striving to be a medium between the unknown and the obvious. I am also inspired by science, particularly Cosmobiology. The object of my artistic obsession gravitates to the manipulation of the linear in three-dimensional space. My installations materialize as anything from geometric forms or webs to representations of anomalies in the fabric of space and time.

The primary material I work with is yarn, though I often work with porcelain and the mold-making process. Through my work I am exploring my fixation with the treatment of both terrestrial space and the theories of its behavior in the universe. The process is always rapturous and mesmerizing for me, no matter the final product. I employ any and all methods of string exploitation including time, ceramic and knitting processes, existing architecture, color and spatial relationships. The work can function atmospherically, conceptually, and figuratively. Conceptualizing the infinite permutations which comprise our reality gives me the imaginative room to create without the burdens of the mundane. I work to evoke a bizarre serenity that can at times be exhilarating. I am an artist. This is the axiom of my life.