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dong guan, gd, China

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How everything started?

A few years ago, I wanted to offer to my love a very special gift for her birthday. I wanted to show her that I poured my heart out for this date so she would see how much she means to me. I found the perfect jewelry and I wanted the memory of my gift in her hands to be unforgettable. Even the best gift paper couldn’t have done the job, and as writing isn’t especially a better skill of mine, a letter wouldn’t have been enough.

So I got the idea to craft a special kind of box. Under its top, inside, she would discover cards on which I had drawn our story. Frame after frame, she discovered our best-shared memories. And it was only after the final flap was turned that she found her gifts hidden in the bottom of the box.

Believe me, the idea got the expected reaction. The box hasn’t left her bedside table even after all these years!

So everybody may not have all the necessary tools to craft a wooden box or the patience to fill a notebook with childish drawings. But what all people do have is the desire to make their loved ones happy. Girlfriend, wife, spouse, mum, boyfriend, husband, dad, grandparents… We all want to make them happy, to show them how important they are.

This is why I created Lovin’box. My original drawings have been replaced by your beautiful photos, completely hidden inside these lovely playful boxes. So now everybody can create a special moment and spread joy to the ones we love.