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Marcelina is the founder MANA MANA Studio. A few years ago we set a bold thesis that every business burned. You only need to do something, or better, or differently than the rest of the world. Then everything just ball up the hill, because you have no competition. And even if someone is getting close, it does not mean that to them growing up.

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Handbags and accessories Mana Mana is a modern, practical and perfectly made products.
You no longer have to buy poor quality bags imported from Bangladesh or China with a margin of 400%.
You can take part in the rebirth of a small craft.
Buying products MANA MANA you support youth and ambition, passion and honesty business.
You know exactly what you pay for and to stand out from the crowd neuter.
Make what you wear makes sense - enjoyed not only the eye but also the heart.
Wear MANA MANA and tell us all who fully justified twinkle in the eye of envy ask: