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Skills and Techniques

Pointilism, pen and ink, micron-style stippling.

Get to Know

Around 2013, I started documenting tropical plant life of Central America by observing fruits, seeds, vines, and other fascinating biological forms found in the tropics. Using some fine-tipped pens and the artist's journal I carried around, I began rendering them in black and white with a stippling technique. I loved this series, and realized that the possibilities were endless; as there was always another fruit or exotic tree bark around the corner.

More recently, I took up the task of documenting cactus and succulents. This too has been a rewarding series to work on, and also contains a virtually limitless stock of beautiful specimens to work with. The images you see here are all original pen and ink drawings printed on card stock. Each item can be framed or matted. I've worked with many mediums in the past, and I'm especially excited to explore new printing techniques. These cards are only the beginning of what I hope to be a long journey artfully exploring the world's botanical delights.