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Renfrew, On, Canada

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Crafting has been a part of my 50+ years for as long as I can remember. I have dabbled in so many different areas from wood carving, painting and drawing to sewing (invented the kids car wallet), crocheting and beading. I love it all and I think some of it has rubbed off on my daughter who has opened her own brick and mortar store with her hand sewn baby items. Maybe it'll even rub off on my sweet granddaughter (who just turned 8). She's doing the "all things duct tape right now"! I've painted door signs before, but painting is time consuming. I saw digital art and knew immediately that I wanted to do it so after many months of frustration, hair pulling and bafflement, I learned (still am learning)! Needless to say I drove my daughter batty because I was pretty much computer illiterate. I started making and selling my kids signs in my daughters store and they were so popular that I decided to open up some web sites. All of my signs are totally my own computer made graphic images. These images are printed out on a professional printer for the best possible colours. I cut out the hardboard backs to size on my table saw, then put it all together in my small corner 'workshop'. I love making these signs and creating new images and hope you will enjoy browsing my selection, and coming back to see what's new! Nancy (aka wicky...the name my granddaughter called me as a toddler and it has stuck!)