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I love learn wood carving, make a stoneware and ceramics and a lot I still need to learn.

Skills and Techniques

for involve my process made that hardware, we make it from old brass material with new hardware, and we could do some finishing like Silver chrome, Silver doff or Matte Doff, and Black color, Black doff or Matter doff, Gold finishing, bronze, and more. if you need re-finishing that brass hardware, you can let we know with contact us feature from

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Hello my Visitor, Thanks you for visit, MyPulls is Online store for Home Hardware with Solid Brass traditional hand made hardware, some is new made from old brass material and some is old hardware from old storage I got from my partner. and my partner is Mrs.Metta from artsofbrass, her grand father have leave some old storage with a lot old hardware, because in this time for looking a brass material is not easy, so I have bought her old brass material for re-made new hardware.

I work on Home and design Interior for 8 years on my country, Indonesia, love home design and architecture.vintage and antique collector, and I;m traveler love to visit I;m not yet had been visited.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, and have a great day!

Thanks you
Valant / MyPulls

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