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Rochester, IN, United States

Quick Blurb

I live in the middle of no where in North West Indiana.


Candle making, Cross-Stitching, Drawing, and other arts and crafts. I love to learn new crafts and share my ideas with everyone who wants to know how I did it. I love to read and play computer games. But most of all Live life to the fullest.

Skills and Techniques

Taking the time to make my candles with TLC. Making sure that everyone gets a fresh candle every time. All my candles and buttons are made when the order is places. My incense is ready to ship when ordered. My incense takes me about a week to make so i keep an inventory. I want to make sure they soak long enough and dry to a point. I store them in big plastic bags. A few customers say that they burn longer than what I tell them. Almost an hour or more.

Get to Know

I started making my candles in 2004 while going to college. At first it was just for myself and to give as gifts. My friends wanted me to start selling to them and their friends, which lead me to sell them at festivals. I put my candle making aside for a couple of months (almost a year due to my job). When a friend suggested that I start selling them on the internet. So.... Here I am. Wanting to share a wonderful product that I love to make. Over the last 2 years (since 2014) I have been working on new products for those who do not want candles. I have created Tart Melt Buttons. The come in a bag of no less than 24 pieces and weigh 4.5 oz. it took a while and testing by my dear friends to make the buttons available to you now. The next Item I have been working on is making incense. I have now have over 150 incense fragrances, in 3 different size bags, 20 count, 50 count, and 100 count. I am now in the process of updating everything to make them a lot better. Also creating more crafty items to offer.

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