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BRATTLEBORO, VT, United States

Quick Blurb

Rare, unique and exotic plants which are propagated by us.


rare plants, unusual plants, exotic plants, gardening, growing, houseplants, interiorscape

Skills and Techniques

With 30+ growing experience between myself and my husband we propagate all the plants from our main stock plants. Our greenhouse is 1400 sq. feet and is heated through Winter. We attend local Farmer's Markets and markets throughout the growing season where we sell our plants and our seasonal produce.

Get to Know

We started the business at our new home in 2007 where we had plenty of land to build our greenhouse to grow all of our lovely plants and propagate them. We also grow a variety of starter plants for growing or planting to have our own produce for sale. We sell in person at Brattleboro Farmers' markets on Saturdays throughout the year and online.

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