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Burbank, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi I'm Tamara, Henna & Jewelry Artist. I love to make folks happy with Henna! Please enjoy the fruits of my henna obsession.


Henna Artistry, Making folks happy with Henna & Glitter Body Art, Jewelry, Gemstones, Photography, Museums, Belly dance and Burlesque, Glitter!!!, Van Gogh and Kandinsky.


Skills and Techniques

Henna Painting, Jewelry Making, Photography, Life Drawing, Watercolor, Pastel and Charcoal, Painting,

Get to Know

Greetings Friends!

I'm Tamara of Opal Moon Henna! I'm originally from Ohio, and now live outside of Los Angeles by way of central North Carolina. Please forgive me if I bust out with a y'all! I'm afraid a bit of the South stuck with me, in a good way. ;)

I love to Henna. Love it! What a great gift that I get to do something that makes people leave me smiling, often sparkly and definitely happy. Even better that I can make hennaed pretties that folks can savor forever instead of a design that just fades away!

I began doing henna in the late 90's while (studying photography) in college, after seeing the artform at the International Street Fair. It was love at first sight and *way* better than the Sharpies I was already using to draw on myself and my friends!

Henna was just a fun hobby until 2003 when a friend in NC said she needed a new henna girl at her shop one Saturday a month. Opal Moon Henna was born! I continued at that shop for 6 years, adding festivals, parties and more and eventually doing henna full time. I landed in the west in late 2009 and have been exploring and hennaing in So Cal ever since.

My 'specialty' is doing intentional and healing henna - using symbols and usually one word from the client to create a transformative design that makes them feel beautiful and empowered. My long range goal is to create a protocol for henna to be used as healing in healthcare - specifically with HIV/AIDS and cancer patients.

In the meantime, I love to make things beautiful with Henna. So I do. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor, joy, and yes, obsession. There are much worse things in the world to be obsessed about. :)

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