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Beavercreek, oh, United States

Quick Blurb

I am Beadweaver, currently residing in SW Ohio. The beads keep me sane - during the day I work with computer systems.


all forms and techniques for weaving beads - seed beads and gemstone beads

Skills and Techniques

beadweaving: many techniques, some I've derived.

Get to Know

Beading first piqued my interest when I was a pre-teen. Many years later - college, kids, carreer - I felt the need to do something creative, something to balance the inter-office memos, position papers and strategy documents. And so I rediscovered beading. That was over 5 years ago. Today, I bead to maintain my sanity (20+ yrs in a cube warren would drive anyone flaky), and I look at my beadwork as my artistic expression. I am known among non-beading friends, co-workers and family as that "crazy beadie lady" who can talk beads for hours. My beadwork is a thing of joy to create - whether it's a hair scrunchi for kids or an elaborate weaving pushing myself to my limits.