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Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States

Quick Blurb

Redgirl and Flyboy strive to inspire your passion for laughter and comfort. After all--what is life without passion?


sewing,soap making,remaking clothing, painting, fimo clay, relaxing, learning, solving puzzles,writing fairy tales,cement molding, designing clothes by mixing elements I like

Skills and Techniques

sewing,writing,dreaming,drawing and studying color, designing clothes for comfort

Get to Know

Redgirl and Flyboy are 2 crafters, Laura Kordell and Michael Brake. We have between us more than 60 years of crafting for pleasure. Even though our interests are many and varied and we each have our favorite craft, we share a desire to create. We strive to serve up fun, peace and humor and comfort with our crafts, and you can be sure we are having fun doing that. Check out our Surlycat Chic items!

Laura Kordell--I am retired from a job I enjoyed for 31 years and now am able to spend time doing what I REALLY enjoy--making things, making people laugh, and having fun! I have a wide variety of interests because EVERYTHING looks like so much fun to do! I love color--I love the play of colors together--I love bright bold colors that make my eyes sing and my spirit dance--I love subtle colors that gently nudge each other like playful lovers holding hands. I am hoping this shop will help pay for my crafting addiction. HAHAHA!

Michael Brake--still working away in the friendly skies so my crafting time is limited a little (cant let work get in the way of my crafting life!) I am definitely the more practical one of our team. I enjoy crochet--finding the right pattern and the right colors to express my feelings, and executing the project--seeing the piece in my mind coming to life in my hands--HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY!

As a team we balance each other out. Michael being practical and passionate, Laura being impulsive and passionate. What indeed is life without passion? We expect the shop to evolve with us as we grow and mature, but we are dedicated in our desire to serve up comfort and customer service. Its a big wide world out there with so many wonderful things in it to enjoy. Redgirl and Flyboy invite you to find enjoyable things that speak to your passions here in our shop!

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