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Butler, PA, United States


So many things inspire me! Nature, animals, the earth, spirituality, Asian culture, all have influenced my work. Mental health awareness is a primary theme in my fine art paintings.

I love how color and materials can be used to create unique pieces that connect with people. Most of all, I have fun creating!

Skills and Techniques

I have formal training in studio fine art, specializing in oils, pastels, and acrylics.

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Get to Know

My shop started in 1990 as a brick-and-mortar at supply/custom framing shop. After marriage and kids came along, I gave up the shop to sell antiques online. Of course technology has changed greatly since then. Now I offer my artwork, handmade items, vintage finds, and a variety of locally sourced sustainable woods and natural materials (mostly from our backyard for crafts supplies, sunchokes, handmade walking sticks/staffs and items for cosplay, rustic home decor, as well as unusual commercial craft supplies.

So grab a favorite beverage and enjoy browsing!

*This is a poetry book "Music From a Farther Room" by John Hughes recently published. My painting, "Hallway", is featured on the cover. It is available through Amazon. This would be an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys poetry!

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