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Tom Bean, CA, United States

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I started my art path later in life. I spent years in high-stakes, high-stress business and then finally one day had to face the question "if not now, then when?" and I took a huge leap of faith. Today thanks to the internet, my art is sold and shipped all over the world. I consider it a privilege to be able to make art that people enjoy. Art is my expression, my therapy, and my inner craving that is just who I am. I never had a formal art class, except for a ceramics class once in college. My art is experimental and I like to break the rules that I don't know exist. That has given me an opportunity to really explore and use products and supplies in ways that may not be traditional. Most of my work is sculptural and I rarely use a canvas, choosing instead to work predominately with wood. I love the contrast of the organic feel and texture of the wood with rich, vibrant paints and textures and high gloss lacquer. I use a lot of recycled materials like wood, paper, items from the hardware store, and other odd things that strike me as sculptural opportunities. :-) My work is quite physical with a lot of cutting and sanding wood, etc. but I think perhaps I am most myself when covered in sawdust and paint, listening to loud music, and stretching my creativity to make something unique. I hope that my original artwork, which is very much a part of me, made with genuine love and care, brings a little color and joy in the life of others. All of my art is handmade by me with love and care in a little cottage studio in Colorado Springs and happily shipped all over the world. I do a lot of custom work so feel free to contact me with your specific needs and wants. Many pieces you see can be done in your color preferences and size up to very large commercial installations. Please visit and "like" my Facebook Page: http:/ ---About my Artwork--- Art, to me, is a free-fall ----a submission, a release, boundless and open. Its the removal of intellectual analysis and preconceived barriers; an opening to the reality behind the door. -rp all the best, Rosemary Rosemary Pierce Modern Art To learn more about me and see exclusive behind the scenes, you can find me on... Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:

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