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Waterloo, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

I work with Reiki infused natural gemstones and other natural objects such as feathers, shells, wood and bone.


natural gemstones, beads, wire-wrapping

Skills and Techniques

I primarily work with wire and wrapping.

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Get to Know

I have always been interested in design, but that usually took the form of computer based layout for newsletters and magazines (non-profit volunteer work) and database design (my chosen profession).
About fifteen years ago, after taking a workshop in metaphysics, I became interested in the healing properties of natural gemstones. Since that time I have worked with and enjoyed many stones, either kept in my pocket, worn as jewelry, or used in healing Reiki or bodywork sessions.
I created my first chakra pendant (natural gemstones in a rainbow of colors representing the chakras) in 2004 as a gift, and then made one for myself. These two pendants received so much praise that I decided to start making more to give as gifts. Once I got started, there was no stopping me. I began to create other pendants using natural gemstone animals, and then branched out into other gemstone pendants, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces using natural gemstones and other natural materials such as shell, wood, and bone.
I still make the chakra pendants, but I've expanded into other Chakra designs by wrapping quartz crystals and other objects with stones representing the chakras.
In 2009, Sage-Thyme Jewelry and Design became a reality. I have been vending at the Labyrinth Walk in Rochester (run by Labyrinth Quest) and a few other venues. I posted a few items online starting in July, but really got started selling online in December, 2009.
Many customers are not only looking for jewelry, but for the special stone that will help them with a healing process or to bring to themselves a desired outcome. All of my jewelry and creations are infused with Calming Crystal and Reiki Energy to heal body, mind, and spirit.
I recently started a newsletter. You can view the archive and sign up with the 4th link in the Find Me Online section.

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