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Kew Gardens, NY, United States

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At just 9 years old, I used to watch my grand-father carefully make knives from hand. As long as I can remember I would watch him lay out the plans, and spend days making just one knife. Back then, nothing was done with the help of any machines, it was all hand pounding of the knife, and practicing until he could create the perfect one.

As my grand-father got older and could no longer make knives, I began to learn. He taught me every part of knife making, teaching me secrets his father had shown him - techniques and tricks that he would tell me secretly, and made me promise to keep within the family. It started slow at first, none of them came out how I pictured - blades were too round, handles were too short. But overtime, they became better.

It became my passion, and over the years I put together a team of fellow lovers of the craft, keeping it family run as well. When I met my wife, I began to show her the craft as well, and she used her background as an artist to create unique designs and details in our knives. As they got older, my two children joined in, and later so did my nieces and nephews, until it became a larger family business that had connected our grand-parents to each other. It became a huge family tradition and business. We kept the same techniques that my grand-father and his father taught him, and kept it in the family as they had always asked of us.

Over the years, as we made more connections and began selling to more and more buyers, we were missing a crucial selling point: online sales. And so our ARTFIRE shop was born, to bring our family business to the world through our keyboards.