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Cranston, RI, United States


In these Products you will see the complete story of how each tool is hand crafted from raw materials. From the tool's birth, amidst the sparkle and fire of the forge, through to the finished product.

We work as a close team. When the blacksmith finishes his labor the carpenter starts his. It is like a conversation between craftsmen who know each other well. For a perfect fit each handle is made individually and is therefore unique. It is like a footstep in sand. Each man’s footstep is unique so the sand forms to match to each footstep. Our tools are the same with the variation in chisel socket or axe eye, making it completely unique and personal.

When the tool is made we must clothe it, and so the third stage of the process is leather work to create a hand-crafted blade guard. Finally the tool is packed for shipping and sent to its new home.

Skills and Techniques

Chisels, Drawknives & Froes

For our chisel and drawknife blades we use 9260 spring steel. This steel consists of 2% of silicon, 1 % of Manganese and it has it has 0.6% of Carbon in it. Silicon is for durability and helps the tool hold its sharp edge for longer. Manganese increases tensile strength and carbon allows the tool to take a keen edge. After careful hardening, tempering and annealing it reaches the excellent hardness of Rockwell 59-60 (HRC).

Axes & Adzes

We laminate all our axe and adze blades. For the cutting edge we use Bohler K460 high carbon (0.95% of carbon) alloyed tool steel. K460 is an oil hardening tool steel for use in applications requiring a good combination of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance. The additional nickel contained in this grade produces an alloy with greater toughness than the standard oil hardening types. For the axe head we use low carbon steel consisting 0.05 – 0.15% of carbon. After annealing and tempering axes in oil and water the blade reaches the hardness of Rockwell 58-59 (HRC).

Kitchen knives

For our kitchen knives we use Swedish powder metallurgy Elmar steel and cutlery grade Japanese Steel VG-10 (V金10号). All of our knives reach overall hardness of Rockwell 61-62 (HRC) and are being cry tempered.

Wildlife knives

For our wildlife knives Swedish powder metallurgy Super Clean Elmar steel, German Silver Steel (Bohler K510), Japanese Super Steel ZDP-189 (contain 3% of Carbon, hardened to HRC67) and our own forged 256 Layer Damascus steel made of 1095 and 15N20 high carbon steels.

Get to Know

We are a guild of "Scorpion Mart" master craftsmen who use our heritage of craftsmanship handed down through many generations to design and create woodworking tools, knives, weapons – bows and swords, leather goods and watches. Our process, our method and mission is to keep these traditions and crafts alive and well. In this high-tech age, our own traditional craftsmanship is flourishing.

We use our hands to create things that will live on, telling their story in the hands of the craftsmen and people after us. Each thing we create is born with energy and personality – a love and care that will be felt daily by each craftsman; a resonance from the heart of the creation.

Towering factories and belching chimneys are not our game. All of our makings are created in our small workshops, using equally traditional methods and techniques. Each craftsman is working in his own workshop, that is located on his own farmland.

Our focus is on uniqueness and quality, not quantity. We want to help people to remember how to use their hands, to relate their own human energy to their tools – to achieve the true joy of creating something from humble beginnings, as we did.

In nowadays throw-away society we are building things that will last and tell their stories about us long after we will be gone.

Our traditions of blacksmithing and woodworking walk step by step together. We are uniting and preserving our history, traditions and craftsmanship on one platform – Scorpion Mart.

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