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We love everything about handwoven Fabrics, Natural Fibres and Handspun Khadi fabrics. We feel attracted to any natural Handwoven Linen Fabrics, the coarse textured Handwoven Textiles and Tribal Textiles.

Skills and Techniques

Our production is done through a sustainable process in primitive handlooms operated without any electricity, from handspun natural fibres, involving the rural weavers or crafts-women in their village courtyards.

Get to Know

We are two designers- Ritu and Sushant, behind this brand with a passion for handmade textiles. We are Indian born and are professionally trained in textile and fashion. The love for travel and textiles have taken us to the nooks and corners of our country and the globe. We have discovered the unlimited treasures of traditional skills which are almost getting lost in the rapid industrialization and but are also beneficial for the environment. This has provoked us to open a brand ‘Silken Scarf'’.
We produce contemporary, luxury hand -made scarves and wearable-art textiles based on learned age-old traditional skills, passion for minimalist designs and serious commitments.
Our ideology is based on ‘SUSTAINABILITY’ – that is to sustain the earth, its environment, it’s traditional skills and also to sustain the growth of rural employment by engaging more and more human hands.
These products are the result of a combined effort of two of us as the driving force for designing and the team of our expert weavers and hand embroiders who are contributing their skills and hands to create them.
Our products are made in India.
Continuous exploration, mixing of traditional and modern techniques results into exquisite weaves and textures makes our products one-of –a-kind.