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Pineville, La, United States

Quick Blurb

I love vintage clothing and will be recreating these items as well as modest and unique clothing for all ages.

Get to Know

My heart's desire is recreating handmade vintage, unique and modest clothing for all ages. I often wonder about the families of the past as I thumb through vintage patterns with so much history, never to be uncovered, and waiting to be recreated again and again. Once in a while I enjoy a glimpse of a notation or the name of a person of times past written on a pattern, gently used and refolded again by loving hands. How I would love know more details surrounding these patterns. I'm one of those people who would love to walk backward into time with my family when daily living experienced a much slower pace and was extremely full of faith in God, family, love of others and hard work. For now I am teaching Shelbe, our 4 year old grand-daughter to sew. She made her first stitches on a real sewing machine at 3 years. Also at this time we have Lillian, our second grand-daughter on the way. One day we will be sewing and canning and washing clothes on an old ringer washer left to us by my husbands grandmother. Maybe in a way we can... "go back in time".