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Erwin, NC, United States

Quick Blurb

My name is Susie & my company is SooBoo Designs. I love meeting new people through my shops~ I invite you to see what I have.


Personalized note cards, personalized notepads, wreaths, birdhouses, custom invitations, colorful stationery, craft shows, painting, baking, bike riding, laughing, being with family

Skills and Techniques

Lately, I seem to be able to have learned how to juggle.. really well... work, family, pets, and my shops. A one man show is not easy, but all the tasks which go into a business have given me the opportunity to grow in many new ways.

Get to Know

One day during my senior year at University of Arizona, I was elected to make a quick card with fat, outlined letters spelling out, "Happy Birthday" for my college illustration professor. He was so delighted with the lettering on his card that he deemed this to be my calling. After almost 30 years, I now believe he was right! I have been making cards for as long as I can remember. My Dad owned several high-end card and gift shops in downtown Chicago. There I was able to sell them to Dad, who in turn, put them on the racks to sell to the public. They would sell faster than I could make them! As the years went on, I took on jobs in the art field, enabling me to keep abreast of new trends. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to learn the art of computer graphics and decided now was my opportunity to incorporate what I call "name art" with computer fonts. It's a wonderful new world for me, and I welcome you to share my passion for personalized paper products and hand-drawn cards. My goal is to give my customers unique and fun artwork made into personalized paper products promptly with great customer service. I see everywhere that customer service lacks, but I have always believed that it doesn't have to be that way. People need attention and I am here to give it to my customers. You may be wondering where the name SooBoo orginated? My Aunt, "Chipper", lovingly gave me that nickname when I was a child. I liked SooBoo enough to name my company after it! A native of the Chicago suburbs, I have relocated to a small, relaxing rural area just south of Raleigh, North Carolina. I share my life with my ever-inspiring husband, Jeff, fantastically optimistic son, Dean, a real hoot of a step-son, Tanner. One more thing...thanks to all my friends, near and far, who insisted I start this website. It took a while, but better late than never. Enjoy the SooBoo Designs... Susie Davis

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