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indian trail, nc, United States


Our mission is to provide an alternative to products from big companies or cheap imitations that are available in stores or online. We believe in using authentic quality ingredients for our products, (if its a dead sea mud mask then the mud is from the dead sea!) and we always use reputable suppliers.
We are always reading up on ways to eliminate or reduce the need of harsh chemical preservatives, as well as new trends in skincare(miceller water).

Costs...we may not skimp on ingredient quality, but we do keep it simple with our packaging. When the container costs more than the contents its just sad. Since we make our product in house and keep packaging simple we can offer our products at a better cost than the top brands.

*Bonus- we don't load chemicals in that in the long run could be harmful to the user.

Skills and Techniques

While we are family owned we are serious about what we do and adhere to all health and safety regulations and sensitization best practices.

Get to Know

Dragonfly Unlimited LLC is a small family owned company that has been making and sharing handmade products for years. Simplicity, integrity, and quality is our goal when crafting and packaging products. We never use fillers or chemical substitutes which is why our ingredients lists are short and very pronounceable lol.
We formulate our products to eliminate or reduce the need of preservatives, but when it is a matter of customer safety (think mold, fungus, other nasty stuff) we always ensure the product is safe to use.

My name is Georgia, I am the co-owner of Dragonfly Unlimited. It has been my passion to make handmade products for years. I have a Bachelors in management and have also taken many science classes such as Microbiology, Organic chemistry, Occupational health and safety, ect.
Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to reach out to us and give us feedback or custom requests.