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Florissant, CO, United States

Quick Blurb

Where fiber is our passion...and it shows!

Offering unique, OOAK and original design fiber art.


I enjoy playing with all types of fiber - I love carding fiber into batts, or blending them on a hackle. I love to dye fibers and yarns. I love to weave, knit, crochet, spin and felt fibers and yarns. I find inspiration all around me - whenever I see a lovely photo or witness a glorious Colorado sunset, etc., I am inspired to attempt to capture that in a carded batt, a custom blend, or a hand painted skein of yarn.

Skills and Techniques

Most of my work is self-taught or learned by reading about various techniques, watching videos on various techniques, and then learning by trial and error. I am constantly revising and trying to improve my processes to make them easier, more efficient, more effective, etc.

Get to Know

I have been knitting and crocheting for most of my life. We bought our first llamas in November 1996 and moved to Split Rock Ranch in May 1997 where our two llamas grew into a herd of award winning llamas producing exquisite fiber. In 2000 I decided I needed to learn how to spin so I could do something with all those llama fleeces. I also bought a hand crank drum carder so I could card and process my own fibers. Then I started playing with a variety of fibers, blending them together on my drum carder and spinning them. This all led to deciding to sell my handspun yarns and my fiber blends. I have added an electric drum carder, hand cards, a hackle, hand combs, and a box picker to the lineup of fiber processing tools. I also hand dye and hand paint fibers and yarns. I decided that I couldn't keep up with the demand for my fibers so I started purchasing and reselling high quality combed tops and fibers from high-end sellers. I also learned to weave on a tri-loom, and am learning to weave on tapestry, rigid heddle, and floor looms. So much fiber... so little time! When I'm not working/playing with fiber and yarn, I'm tending to our ranch that now has llamas, miniature horses, ducks and chickens, and playing with our poodles - we have toy, miniature and standard poodles.

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