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Napa, CA, United States


We always have wafer paper on the brain. We see the world as a huge resource of ideas, like "How can I make this coffee mug in wafer paper? Can I make wafer paper pajamas? Perhaps a wafer paper bonsai would be interesting? Wafer paper for all the things!" There are lists of these ideas everywhere. Seriously, EVERYWHERE! There are phone lists, tablet lists, laptop lists, notebook lists, white board lists, mental lists and Post-It lists everywhere. We often read over these lists and cross things off that are just silly (like wafer paper pajamas). But sometimes we see potential in an idea, and work on it until it’s perfected. This can take hours, days or months. We're quite a stubborn family so we won’t give up until it's right.

Skills and Techniques

We are constantly learning and inventing, so keep checking for our latest creations.

Get to Know

Sweet!, located in Napa, CA, is the product of a hobby that got out of hand with this Mother / Daughter Team. As a creative outlet and an escape from unfulfilling jobs, we took up cake decorating and starting turning out some amazing stuff. Then we discovered wafer paper…….

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