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Baker City, OR, United States

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Debbie Henshaw is the artist behind They Never Grow Up Nursery. She is an award winning master artist and teacher of the reborn art, creating very life like reborn dolls since early 2005. Debbie spends an incredible amount of time on each doll, paying close attention to every detail. She is highly skilled in the application of paint creating very life like, multi-dimensional tones with under-the-skin mottling, veining and detailing. Her baby dolls have a gorgeous matte finish and look very very real. She purchases raw angora mohair, hand selected from an Oregon farm, and processes it into beautiful, soft and natural colors. She is an expert at micro-rooting, creating heads of hair that look and feel so real they will fool anyone who sees the doll into thinking it's a real infant. Debbie is well known by her customers to be the best of the best in weighting her reborn babies. She is super meticulous, taking as much time as needed to weight the doll to be uniform and life like feeling. Her dolls are never stiff and the little chins tuck nicely in the chest making the doll look even more real. Debbie has won many awards given by her peers, independent judges and the public. Some of her most exciting wins were first place prizes in Best Reborn Rooting (Tiny Treasures 2009), First place in Most Realistic Reborn (Tiny Treasures 2009) and First place in the People's Choice Awards for Most Beautiful Reborn Baby Doll 2009. (Tiny Treasures 2009). There were 30 reborns at that live competition. Debbie had a doll nominated for the 2009 Colliii awards held in Germany. She did not win the competition but was one of the only two from the United States to be nominated~it was a fantastic honor as there were hundreds of reborns in this competition. Debbie attends several shows a year around the country making her babies available for cuddles and adoption. One look and snuggle of a They Never Grow Up Nursery (TNGUN) baby will introduce you into the wonderful world of true artist reborn dolls. Ask Debbie for her show schedule. Debbie also teaches the skill of painting with air dry paints at classes across the county, and she has produced a full-course reborning DVD and color guides. Contact her for her class schedule. See more of her baby dolls at eBay ID: redcar_99