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TOPEKA, KS, United States

Quick Blurb

Jewelry & Fanciful Things~ ear cuffs, circlets crowns and tiaras, elven headdress, fairy bubble wands and more.


I am a Daughter of the South Wind (aka native Kansan;) and spent much of my childhood wishing myself to far away places- real and imagined. My heroes have always been fanciful characters from books like Lord of the Rings, Peter Pan, and The Chronicles of

Skills and Techniques

All of my items are designed and built from scratch. I start with a spool of wire and bend, twist, weave and wrap it to the shape needed for the piece Im working on, adding beads, pearls and crystals as I go. My husband Ian makes some of the circlets and ear cuffs in my shop. Every piece we sell is designed and handcrafted by one of the two of us.

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Get to Know

Jewelry & Fanciful Things for Magical Spaces When I make jewelry I start with a story I want to tell...I delight in fanciful stories from literature, theater, music and I am fascinated by the process of trying to convey the enchantment from one genre (ie books or music) to another (jewelry). I focus on unusual jewelry items like ear cuffs and costume accessories such as circlets and crowns. My style is described as Art Nouveau fairy tale, even the more ordinary pieces (earrings, necklaces, etc) in my collection are unique in style and design.

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