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Elkhart, IN, United States

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Creating quality handmade items has been a passion of mind since I was a little girl! I love to sew & crochet doll clothes!


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Creating quality handmade items has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl!

One of my grandma's loved to sew (especially costumes). When I was little I would watch her take a piece of fabric and create something fun and beautiful out of it. It wasn't long before she realized my desire to create things too. So, she found me an old sewing machine, set it up beside hers, and began teaching me. I still have some of those first outfits my grandma and I made together!

My other grandma was always crocheting. Every time I would go to her house I would look in fascination at all the pretty colors of yarn she had, and at all the things she was creating using the yarn. I begged her to teach me. When I was 5 years old, she finially agreed that I was old enough to learn. I caught on quickly, and haven't put the crochet hook down since! That was over 25 years ago!!

My favorite items to sew are 18" doll clothes! It's fun to pick out bright (and sometimes sparkly) fabrics and create stylish girly outfits for a girl to dress her doll in. My favorite crochet projects are fashionable hats for all ages! I especially like my Sock Monkey hat creations!!