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Ever since I was a child I studied at the school of Arts where I had the chance to get acquainted with handmade skills like painting, drawing, graphic design, clay modelling and sculpture. Later on I attended the Middle School of Arts with the purpose of following a career in arts.

It was during High School that I discovered the art of leather craftsmanship, when I started designing leather belts, bracelets and purses, which I attempted to sell in order to raise money for a seaside vacation. My work was greatly appreciated by people and this is what got me motivated to step forward with my passion.

Soon afterwards the Revolution followed by an economic crysis ensued which made it impossible for artists to make a living. This forced me to take up other ordinary jobs spanning over many different fields. Many of the skills I acquired during this time proved to come handy in my current line of trade. However, I haven't abandoned my passion for leather, as I continued making leather accessories for friends and family.