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houma, la, United States


I get my inspiration from dreams and nature. living in louisiana you never know what kind of scenery your gonna find the weather here is all over the place but I wouldn't change it for the world. Fantasy is in every piece brought out by dreams. when doing

Skills and Techniques

portraits are done using pictures of lost loved ones to people still alive today. Any picture big or small I draw that for you in any size you ask me for. Charcoal drawing is very tedious I enjoy every minute of it. one piece can take up too two month to complete.
jewelry making starts off with 80 % recycled material usually starts with an idea then I chose the perfect thread I roll it in wax to make it last for years. I then pound out the metal or roll the resin it all depends on the type of necklace or bracelet I'm making.
felting is very tedious it can take up to a month to finish one hat or piece of clothing. wet felting starts with raw wool felt I create a shape of hat then brush out felt and shape using water to layer the product once everything has been sculpted I layer a shellac and seal it until finished. I also hand dye the piece or paint it depending on the theme of the hat.

Get to Know

Art has been a huge part of my life. Ive been an artist and craftier for 15 years. I create art,jewelry,hats,clothes from 80% recycled materials.
I finally decided to open an online shop within the past year. I wanted to share with everyone what I love to do. I love horror movies, fantasy movies when I was young I discovered my artist abilities and I haven't stopped creating what I love. When I combine the what i love into what i do something magical happens. Wearable Art or just displaying I put my all into each piece. Ive been doing portraits for 15 years felting hats for 9 years and creating jewelry for 8 years. I strive to improve my artist skills by learning new techniques.I love to say I'm a full time artist now I make arty creations for my lovely customers. I'm glad I have a creative drive in me. This shop is driven by craftsmanship and at times back breaking work. I enjoy sharing and bring creativity into your life.

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