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Brimfield, Il, United States

Quick Blurb

Vintage & Antique Collectibles; Designer Costume Jewelry, Glass, Home Decor, etc.-Love Being a Part of Preserving the Past!


I enjoy interior decorating, floral arranging, art, reading, gardening, home canning/preserving, languages (Spanish, French), music, reading, teaching, and being the best Mom and parent I can be.

Skills and Techniques

I am very detailed and thorough and love to learn. I research and understand as much as possible about what is offered in the store. I enjoy being creative with personal home interior design projects as well as doing all my own floral arrangements. I enjoy cooking "homemade" and preserving or putting up food and I love to treasure hunt!

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Get to Know

After having been in the corporate world for the last 30 years plus, I was affected by a corporate reorganization and took a sabbatical in 2010. I had a real opportunity to seize the day so to speak and enjoy my family and friends and overall life so much more. You could say I've seized a "joie de vivre" approach and fill my days with people I want to spend more time with and appreciate better as well as do so many things I've wanted to do but never had or took the time. I've focused on personal and professional development. I never set out to do this store but the twists and turns in the road led me here and I surrendered to the ride. Before I knew it I was researching antiques, collectibles, and jewelry and having a fabulous time. I have enjoyed the antiques, collectibles and vintage pieces. I've discovered that each piece has its own beauty, its own history and legacy, and a story to tell. I absolutely love doing this. In 2011, I returned to the corporate world but have continued the store which is now a family effort and passion. I purchase or rescue many of the items in the store from estate sales, garage sales, and also offer items that I've acquired over the years as a result of collecting. I sell items of a caliber I myself would expect to purchase and ship them professionally to ensure they safely reach their new home. On rare occasion I do place something in the store that doesn't measure up to the condition I'd like because I want to save it and think someone else might want to as well. I also research items in a very thorough and detailed manner. However, should there ever be anything that you know that I don't, I welcome your feedback. I ensure items are clean unless I feel it is appropriate to leave this to your discretion due to the age or delicate nature of the item and will mention when I have left this up to you. I check in daily and regularly and respond quickly so don't hesitate to let me know if I can help you in any way. I ship within one to two business days of a purchase so please know that your order is shipped promptly. I can accommodate various shipping options upon request. Should there be any issue or concerns regarding your purchase, I welcome your feedback and the opportunity to resolve as I'd like you be at the very least happy if not delighted with your shopping experience. I have THOUSANDS of items such as jewelry, art, books, glassware, and various antiques and collectibles to add to the store (no kidding) so please do add VintageTreasuresFound as a favorite bookmark or market place and check back often. To see the new items in the store, simply select Newest Items in the Default Order filter (under shop Announcement, there is a filter with Default Order selected, you can change this filter) at the Vintage Treasures Home page. I've also branched out now and am selling new merchandise and branded clothing and jewelry, as VintageTreasuresFound on Ebay at Hope you enjoy and so glad you dropped by!

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