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I gets inspiration from the ideas of social,cultural & environmental sustainability to design organic & ecofriendly products!


Organic Cotton,Hand spun ,Hand woven fabrics, Eco friendly fabrics, Nettle fabric , Hand crafted, Silk, Hemp , Scarf , Womens Garment , Organic Clothes, natural dyes , herbal dyes ,eco friendly clothes,hand made, accessories , scarves,organic scarves.

Skills and Techniques

hand crafted hand spun yarn hand woven fabric hand made clothes hand woven scarves natural and herbal dyes hand dyed and hand printed hand embroidered

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We provide Organic and eco-friendly Apparel , Accessories and home products.We create fashion for men and women who want a natural and organic wardrobe as an expression of their ideology . The eco-friendly and organic clothing and accessories made from natural and organic fabric like cotton, silks, hemp, nettle, bamboo, hand woven Khadi, organic denim, wood based fibre are hundred percent chemical- free. The clothes are made from a healthy, breathable and easy-to-maintain material and dyed in herbs that offer you and your family a joyful fashion ride along with the security of a perfectly, natural embrace. This includes textiles and ready-to-wear garments and accessories like scarves for men, women, and children. A collection that may be traditionally inspired from the Mughal India, the Roman frescos or the Byzantine tesserae and yet cater to a modern individual's sense of uniqueness, designed and presented forth for you in your likeness We also offer Ayurvedic clothing and home furnishing products .These products are made from organic fabrics and dyed in different kinds of medicinal herbs to promote health. Ayurvedic and organic clothing is made using various textile techniques like batik, tie and dye, appliquÃ?Æ'Ã,©, hand embroidery, kalamkari, vegetable and herbs dyeing, and block printing. Come liberate the real you, give your individuality a definition and a conviction to soar high. For more details please visit our webpage www.vrittidesigns.com E. vrittidesigns [at] gmail [dot] com

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