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Loveland, CO, United States

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Welcome to our WedSet shop on ArtFire! We've officially been in business for nearly two decades, selling items out of our homes, at craft fairs, in local businesses, and online.

We do our own crafting (in our clean, smoke-free work area), come up with our own ideas, abide by all trademark/copyright laws, and don't use any type of "middleman." (Even our written words are our own, though ironically, you'll see them copied verbatim - along with our quotes and hyphens - quite often.) ; )

Each item is handcrafted and/or adorned by us with extreme care and attention to detail. We don't sell anything we wouldn't use at our own wedding, and we think you'll like the overall presentation - right down to the way your item is boxed and shipped.

We appreciate every single one of our customer friends, and we thank you SO much for your interest in our items! Please bookmark us and stay tuned... many more fun things to come!

***We're no longer including our free thin plastic display box with each cake topper purchase, as we found our customer friends simply discarded the box, anyway. We can actually pack toppers more securely without the extra box! Just so you know...***

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