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Huntsville, AL, United States


traveling, zydeco and cajun music and dancing, west coast swing, photography

Skills and Techniques

Soldering, Forming, Electro-etching, Lapidary and Wire Wrapping

Get to Know

I have always loved pretty rocks. As a little girl I bought a box of mineral specimens from a Gatlinburg, Tennessee gift shop. I was fascinated! I started collecting interesting looking and pretty rocks I found in my neighborhood. I tried to identify them, glued them into squares drawn on the bottom of a shirt box and labeled them. I found I had never outgrown that fascination after I made my first trip to a bead shop. When I started making jewelry naturally the first pieces I made incorporated semiprecious gemstone beads. I love to work with wire and metal sheet but I still can't resist a string of pretty "rocks" or a gorgeous cabochon. I have been designing and making jewelry since 2007. I try to make my work unique by incorporating handmade instead of purchased elements whenever possible. I cut many of the cabochons I use in my work. I work in copper, bronze, brass, and sterling silver. I like simple, uncluttered designs and pieces that are more moderate in scale. Most of the items in this shop reflect this philosophy, however if you prefer a larger piece I will be glad to design something custom for you.

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