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Philadelphia, PA, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to Wolf Bait!

Here you will find all manner of cute & utile housewares, purses and home office items.


kawaii, zakka, japanese, linen, cute, re-usable, vinyl

Skills and Techniques

My online stores are entirely sewn items. In addition to sewing, I also paint, crochet, embroider and know how to make lace, I just no longer *do* it!

Find me online @:

http://wolfbaitusa.facebook/com https://www.instagram.com/wolfba… http://www.flickr.com/wolfbaitus… http://www.twitter.com/WolfBait

Get to Know

All products are hand made by me from my own original designs and patterns.

I work in small batch runs; production size is limited to the amount of material[s] I have on hand.

Please be advised that we have 2 cats and the occasional 1 small dog visitor in our home/my work space. I keep them away from the merchandise, but they are nosy. Keep this in mind if you have severe animal allergies.

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