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MIDWAY, GA, United States


Welcome to Yarnsensation. All about crochet, some jewelry making, and a little sewing.

I want to share my creations with you through video tutorials. Easy crochet patterns. I will crochet along with you to make it special for you and yours to share. I spend most of my time creating crochet dolls and outfit. I have a fabulous Fashion Friday video that is posted to showcase new crochet doll outfits. I also dabble with other crochet patterns-- whatever tickles my fancy : ) I do a lot of freestyling when I create patterns, so most of the patterns are just whatever me and my hook creates. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment and share your designs with Yarnsensation on my FaceBook page. I want and need your chakra to shine through while creating with Yarnsensation. Always take a Deep Breath, Relax, Grab Your Favorite Hook, Some Yarn, A Great Seat, A Quiet Place, Click on Yarnsensation Channel, and Crochet Along with Me.

Skills and Techniques

I am learning the techniques to make great videos and pictures to display my artwork in crafting. I use a room in my home to make it all happen. Very new to making tutorials.

I work off inspirations that I experience through the days and week. Also, my granddaughter is an inspiring artist. She loves to draw pictures of dolls and outfit and hand them off to me to create a crochet outfit for one of my dolls. In turn, I create patterns to share with others, most of them are a small price to help further my skills of designing outfits. I like spending time making my Fashion Friday Video to display the outfits that I create. I usually do about five outfits when I do my Fashion Friday.

I am a Chiari Malformation Survivor, due to my symptoms, I sometime take a break from creating. But I will continue to be inspire and hopefully share with those who show love for Yarnsensation.

Find me online @:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/… https://www.etsy.com/shop/Yarnse… http://www.facebook.com/groups/3… http://www.youravon.com/pds998

Get to Know

Yarnsensation has crochet/jewelry Designs for you and yours

Yarnsensation is the place for crochet designs, jewelry making, doll making, and so much more. I base my designs on inspirations such as nature, people, and moments. Here you will designs for you and yours, for play or display. Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

Head over to my youtube channel to watch great tutorials:

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