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I have always loved baking cookies and sweets, and decided to make a business doing something that I really love and enjoy!

Skills and Techniques

I love using only the best quality ingredients in my products. When working on a custom design, I do a lot of research before starting. I draw a lot of pictures, and create my own cookie cutter that best represents the overall design.

Get to Know

The Story of Yummy-Yummy Sugar Shop......

Born and raised in Canada, I decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the city life, and follow my long wished dream to live in Europe by the countryside. It wasn't easy making the move to Europe, and finding employment here. I started to panic.
That year during the cold Winter months I started to get a little stir crazy being inside all the time, and started baking cookies to keep myself busy. My family loved the fresh baked cookies that popped out warm from the oven, and so I took a big leap of faith and opened a store in 2008, and started selling cookies.
It has always been my pleasure to bake the best cookies and sweets for my family, and customers. I really love baking, and once you try my cookies I know you will love them. I take great pride and really pour alot of love for my craft.
My cookies make great gifts too, for baptisms, baby showers, holidays, and party events.

Enjoy!!! LOL Katie

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