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Vilnius, Gi, Lithuania


Danguole is a lithuanian artist and a professional dog breeder. She has been engaged with animals for multiple decades and it is her natural interest in the anatomical and psychological aspects of animals that has given her motivation to become an experienced animal artist within the field of realism. When painting animals, Danguole emphasizes on expressing the animals personality as accurately as it's anatomy. For Danguole, observing and portraying the different expressions and personalities of different animals is a large part of what makes painting animals interesting.

Skills and Techniques

Lifelong experience as an artist, with skill ranging from hyperrealistic art to impressionistic and semi-abstract paintings.

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Get to Know

Artist Danguole Serstinskaja 32 times awarded in American Art Awards, Masterpiece Winner 2018, 1st place Winner in International Art Professionals Awards 2019

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