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bobbre1,Vintage, hand made and original items. We are also into upcycling items to love anew.100% Etsy & Ebay feedback.


crafts kits, patterns, sewing supplies,sewing patterns, fabrics, men and women's vintage clothing & jewelry, upcycled, handmade, handsewn, knitting, crochet, bridal, wedding home decor, seasonal, baby, jewelry.

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bobbre1 carries vintage clothing & accessories and handmade items of clothing, appliques, bridal veils, hair accessories, home decor, Holiday/seasonal decorations,original artwork and gift items. I love all stages of art and craft works, from the design to the creation. My store will reflect the varied interests, showcasing items on a rotating basis. Please come back from time to time to see what has changed from your last visit!

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