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Phoenix, az, United States

Quick Blurb

A hat shop filled with vintage style hats, for sale as ready to wear or custom made. Many styles are available.


Sewing and gardening are my passions. I enjoy fishing and watching Netflix in the evenings. I tend to watch British television series and of course anything that has actors in great fashions from the 1800s to the 1940s World War II movies.

Skills and Techniques

I personally create each hat one at a time, they are not mass produced and no two are the same. My hats are 100% handmade using traditional tailoring techniques sewn from the finest quality fabrics. The linings are hand sewn with great care and time with attention to detail on the trimmings.

Get to Know

I have a formal education in textiles, tailoring, floral design and metal smiting. My diverse background has enabled me to develop many skills. I am a multi-media artist. My works have been featured in magazines, Tiffany's and many museums across the country. I have also collaborated with many famous doll artists around the world. I have tried my hand at taxidermy, floral design, sterling silver jewelry making, mosaics and painting. My first love was sewing and I always seem to find my way back to this media. I have always had a love of hats. I live in a hot climate where fashion hats are not practical. Now with the internet I can make my beloved hats and sell them to a world wide audience here on Artfire.

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