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Through the years I have had some time to complete many of my artistic endeavors. Though at the time I did not know this was my artistic expression coming out, because of the mediums I was using and my nonunderstanding of art on all levels. Through growth I now know that crocheting and knitting is still artistic. We may not all start on the path with our final medium, but we must never give up. This is therapy and something I enjoy and actually look forward to doing everyday. Before this I battled with severe depression and this has lifted my spirits and helped me find my way, through a guiding light. I hope you can find my happy place, because its my favorite pour of all. Message me if you know what my happy place may be? You will be offered a 10% discount on an item too!!!!

Skills and Techniques

Some techniques you will find here in my shop are-resin and acrylic flow artwork, which is poured on canvas. I believe in repurpose and recycle. So I pour on record albums and redo old furniture-to give them new purpose. I pick up items at stores and pour on them to give them MY look. I have been pouring resin and acrylics for a year now.

Get to Know

Below is just a short bio on how Sisters Artistry was just formed and why.

Sisters Artistry came together during these trying times. As we all know in this currently uncertain world, stress and tension has become routine for most people. My sister and I used the expression of art to help transpire our minds and benefit our wellbeing. It became so therapeutic; we established the business. The thought was, to show the world that we can triumph and overcome the external differences, while balancing our souls-even if at home. Today we look to share this art with others.

Sisters Artistry is mostly fluid artwork with mixed mediums. We are always trying new and imaginative ways to complete our final pieces. They are not just one dimensional. There is a depth to them, that is more than just the outcome of the piece. it is triumph over these times and happiness within them.