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Wyoming, WY, United States

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I create scrumptious and very classic handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry located out in the pines nestled in the Black Hills.

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"I've gone back to Artfire and added back in the little sparklers I had reluctantly removed from my shopping cart earlier...with the discount back it would just be wrong not to :) I included a little note to help you remember it is from me, and so the items can ship together. I understand the refund will be processed in conjunction with packaging. Love Love Love your jewelry!!

Thank you a LOT; it is a pleasure doing business with someone who communicates with customers so faithfully and smooths out any bumps in the transaction the way you do. I am very comfortable recommending miabellacollection to beading friends and family. My mother was thrilled with her first order and I believe has already ordered again."

M. - San Bernardino, CA

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You'll find oodles of freshwater pearls, coral, turquoise, gemstones, sterling gem pendants, and more throughout all my shop categories. Pour yourself that fav' beverage, sit back, and shop 'til you drop!

Over the years I've dabbled in many mediums with jewelry design being my latest obsession. Beads, beads, beads everywhere!! LOL In the past, I designed numerous textile / craft patterns for national publication, created needle craft inventory retail/wholesale/international sales, and owned a B&M in MI w/over 45 artisan consignees represented in my gallery shop. Jewelry has always been a personal passion, but I had never really considered it for a career (late bloomer), six yrs ago I decided to follow it and dove in heart first!

I've sold countless jewelry items & bead supplies on-line, stock regional wholesale accts, and have attended numerous craft & trade shows. I'm a very busy little beader!! I'm so very pleased to have both a jewelry & bead supply shop here at ArtFire!

Check back often, because I'm always finding things to share. I list frequently -- plus I offer sales all the time! Who doesn't enjoy a good deal sometimes? I do!

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Inventory Information:

I Love the BEAUTY I see in the supplies/items I'm offering. I'm not in love with all the *W.O.R.D.S* used by many to describe their items in attempts to try and inflate the value then price in efforts to influence customers.

I use the same description as my suppliers (India, China, Bali, Indonesia, Canada, USA, ect...). I'm a pretty smart gal, but I'm not a silversmith, gemologist, or a self-proclaimed stone expert. I don't offer guarantees because I don't have the credentials to do so ~NOR~ am I the factory that created the supplies that are offered. Sizes stated in the listings are approximate not exact, also all drilling takes place at the factories where the beads are produced. Re-drilling to create larger holes (due to wire being used is too large) is not provided or offered. Most higher end lux-gems are drilled to fit finer wire such as dead-soft or half-hard 26 - 24guage.

My shop is a Retail bead shop -- not a Wholesale site. The majority of the bead items I offer are reasonable, affordable, and relatively inexpensive. They're semi-precious stone or other natural material beads and are not high-end or high-grade gems -- their prices reflect that point. *With the exception of lux gemstone beads/brios categories and the Sterling Gem Baby Pendants which have/are set w/high-grade genuine gemstones. *Again, my items are not wholesale priced items, however, when I do offer a Sale I mark-down considerably and slash prices which are nearly the cost I paid for these supplies.*

Almost all stone beads are 'stabilized'. This treatment is to improve durability, to stabilize cracks, and improve the stone's appearance and longevity. Enhancement or dye is sometimes added to the stone during this process - this is called a "color shot" or color stabilized. Liquid hardeners are also injected into soft, porous stone at high pressures -- this helps to remove moisture and fills the pores in the stone to strength it for durability. For example, almost ALL turquoise stones/beads are stabilized in order to prepare or finish it for cutting, carving, and faceting purposes due to it being such a soft chalk-like stone.

I tag the Freshwater Pearls I offer as being 'natural'....as in they're not 'man-made'. They won't be tagged glass, plastic, or man-made -- these tags are used on the shell and glass pearls I do offer. Adding the word 'dyed' is stating the obvious (in my opinion) and I feel not necessary. I feel most customers are pretty smart cookies and realize that these items are dyed colors. :)

No, I don't fire up a blow torch to test stones, poke hot needles into them, hit them with a hammer, squeeze with pliers, or dip beads into acid....whaaa?! If you need or require these types of tests to be preformed, you may want to run along and shop elsewhere.

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