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Abstact paintings, Jackson Pollock, Nike shoes, Nike air jordans, adidas shoes, sneakers for men and women, reading, painting

Skills and Techniques

Welcome to the Custom Area here at OPC Kicks, we take pride in customizing your kicks into a one of a kind exclusive hand painted shoe. We can pretty much customize any shoe into any way you would like it. Whether they needs suede dying, leather painting, Midsole painting, sole-dying, logo, designs, textures, etc.

Here at OPC Kicks, we take pride in bringing back peoples' favorite shoes that have gotten beaten up back to looking new new again. We can pretty much bring back any shoe to life, whether it needs suede redying, decreasing, sole-clearing, leather repainting, midsole chipping, etc.

Get to Know

OPC Kicks started in 2006 when I started learning how to custom paint and design my old gym shoes. Then some of my friends started asking me to paint their gym shoes and I would take old shoes that didn't fit people anymore, refurbish and custom hand paint them then sell them on ebay. I started saving up and soon enough bought cases of plain white shoes that I would paint, and sell to friends, family, & online.

​In 2009 I got a call from sharpie, and they wanted to interview me to help get what i do out to the public (check it out under the sharpie link under links). That they did, when sharpie put a huge article on their website for me, is when OPC KICKS really started to blow up online. Now we take personal orders and make our own designs, all of our shoes are wiped down with chemicals, hand painted with high quality leather shoe paints, or (refabricated) and glossed with our own secret gloss sealant so the paint will not chip or crack off. Our designs can be anything you personally want them to be, what is better than making your own one of a kind pair of shoes?

​We are a small team that can make any type/design of custom shoes you can think of! We thrive on new ideas and challenges. Every pair we create we put our heart and soul into to make sure they are perfect for you.
Thank you for your support and rock on!

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