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San Jose, CA, United States


Raymond spends most of his time building his company and seeking ways to make a better quality tag than his competitors. In his spare time, he enjoys his Standard Poodle, Merlin, collects exotic plants, and enjoys long range sports fishing.

Skills and Techniques

Raymond started his business by drop shipping dog tags on eBay. The company that made his tags did laser engraving on stainless steel tags and some Aluminum tags. he found his time mostly wrapped up in customer complaints, "customer didn't get there tag," "the tag has scratches," "the laser printing is no good." He ended up with over 100 complaints at a given time when he almost gave up. He thought to himself, "there's got to be a better way." Then he decided to buy a 50 watt deep laser engraving machine. It's permanent, not the laser marking that can rub off in time. He continually works on improving on his products and gives customers the special attention they deserve with a goal of 5 STAR Customer Service. What a difference it makes when you do it yourself!

Get to Know

The company, PetProMart, LLC was started by Raymond Todd to solve a problem. The basis for his idea came from his childhood when he lost his first pet, a Shetland sheep dog by the name of Shep. Problem with finding his dog was they had moved and changed their phone number, rendering the tag useless. So we did it the old-fashioned way by canvassing people on the street and hanging signs. This led to a few good leads, but still no Shep. Raymond thought "there's got to be a better way to find a pet, WITHOUT depending on a phone number." That problem kicked off the idea and resulted in this company continuing to pursue ideas on better ways to perfect the common dog tag.

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