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Centralia, IL, United States


What do we love? Our customers, for sure! The biggest inspiration of the whole P team is to bring happiness to every single customer who wants to use our service and we would love to see them again and again in the future. That's why we put our heart in every activity and order to make sure that P becomes the top-of-mind choice when it comes to shopping and placing orders for your home.

Skills and Techniques

- Every day at P shop will be a busy day, our teams are assigned with specific jobs in the steps of the fulfillment process so that no single order is missed or mistakes are allowed to occur. We have staff who are strong at Internet and IT skills to make sure that the platform works well under any conditions and ensure the best UX. Customer satisfaction is always the KPI of every person working in P shop.

Get to Know

- Wanna find something urgently? P is in your hand's reach!
With a diverse list of household goods available at our store located in IL, the stuff in need will be delivered to you shortly after your order. For the unavailable things? No worries, just place an order and our dedicated and experienced team would find the goods for you immediately. Speed is the target, of course, but quality is our top priority. Our products are from famous brands in the US and with our reputation, the purchase will be always conducted at the best prices. Work with P, forget the concerns about going shopping, the convenience is just a click away!
Any questions please email marilynpiet66@gmail.com. Thank you