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By profession I am a stone conservator, I also do furniture conservation. I love my yob. But there are so many things that inspire me. among them are flowers, seeds ,pine cones and there are vintage items and antiques , ceramic ( I made some pottery in a while cause my mother has a pottery workshop ), sewing ( my passion started when I was pregnant and I believe my 2 sons will bee getting soft toys by 40- ties, cause I have so many projects in my head)..... and more.......

Get to Know

Welcome to my REMSA shop~ I appreciate you taking the time to visit my shop.
I live in Slovenia in a small country in European Union ,with an astonishing diversity of landscapes.The country brings together the picturesque characteristics of the Alpine, Mediterranean, Karst and Pannonian worlds. The distances are really small. Within a single day, one can easily swim in the sea in the morning and stand on a top of a mountain by the evening.
Slovenia is scarcely populated. There are about 2 million inhabitants in the entire country, so only about one-quarter of the of the population of London!
The diversity of climate, soil types, landscapes and habitats results in an exceptional diversity of plants.
All this diversity I am shearing with you in my shop.
The flowers, grasses, pine cones... are organically grown, picked and harvest in the forests, meadows and beaches of my country .
Hope that you find something you absolutely love.

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