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Temple Hills, MD, United States

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Hello & welcome to my shop of warm & cozy knits! Hand knit & crocheted winter scarves & slouchy hats for men & women


Crochet, reading, writing, travel, baking

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Writer, reader & yarn fiend. NaNoWriMo addict.

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Get to Know

SKO was borne out of my true and deep obsession with yarn and the fact that I will always create more than I could ever keep or give away. The name specifically is in reference to my feline love, Alexande. SKO namesake Alexande "Smitten Kitten" Firenze died on Friday, August 1st, 2008. She was a beautiful little chica but her looks were matched only by her nobility of friendship & love. She will remain my muse in perpetuity. She was my smitten kitten, furry oracle/partner in yarn and definitely an original. :D Every item is handmade by me. I don't use patterns and I don't write them either. This basically means that no piece can be reproduced exactly. I cull yarns from a good many places... regular shops, Etsy sellers, various friends in locations around the world and in my own travels. So, generally speaking, I can't reproduce my items exactly. I can usually be found doing one of three things... feeling up yarn (my husband is sure I'll be pulled in on a morals charge one day LOL), working with yarn or writing. SKO is technically a one woman show but without my husband (he hauls boxes,answers questions about colors for men, dodges my stash of yarn & has invested support to my endeavors in a huge way) and my kitty whose nickname I stole for my business, there wouldn't be an SKO. We thank you! :D SKO can be found here, on Etsy & in real life at ARTSPRING (Pyramid Atlantic) Community Arts Store in Silver Spring, MD.