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Saving Toilets, Floors, & Walls from Unfortunate Misfires
Your little boy wants to mimic his daddy in every way, even how he uses the restroom. Unfortunately, height and skill aren't always in agreement and misfires happen. Cleaning up such accidents can be frustrating, especially in those hard-to-reach places. That is where the Splatter Shield comes into play. Our toilet aid prevents splatters, keeping everything in the bowl where it should be.

Skills and Techniques

This was developed to stop having to use those floor models that you have to dump out*yuck* Most boys think its a new toy and start going to the big boy potty right away. Keep it on cause you never know when they will go when you are not looking!

Get to Know

Check our TV commercial with shark from Shark Tank introducing The Splatter Shield
This is not just for potty training. It was mainly designed for boys up to 14 years of age. My kid kept it on his toilet till he was 15 years of age since he opted out of hearing mom telling him to keep his bathroom clean.
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