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Our inspiration Many come from The shape and texture of the material itself,we want to Unfold texture for material.
There are also some inspirations from Chinese Ancient totem.
if you want to customize chinese style decorations, please contact us.

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We want to design different accessories, and it's harmless to the human body.

Therefore, in the material selection of natural harmless 925 silver, natural gemstones and precious stones, pearls and shells,and owns K gold properties of the 14K gold filled.

In the design, we refer to the traditional Chinese jewelry style,also absorbed some popular jewelry elements.

Revive the tradition with originality,not arty-crafty,not follow others blindly.With the simplest manual,we pay respect to you all who are not compromise with life and unique.We hope based on inheriting things our ancestors passed down,then can devised the handicraft of national and modern aesthetics.

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