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First snow/ice event of 2012

We have gotten our first winter weather event of the year.  Not too much snow, but there is a nice layer of ice on top and my car is stuck at the bottom of the driveway.  I wouldn't mind, except I had a polymer clay guild meeting today and won't be able to go.  We were going to be taught hinges and I was really looking forward to the meeting.  And, my grandson's wrestling matches were canceled.  He's almost 7 and has won all four matches to date.  Yeah!!   Guess I'll have to spend the day playing with my 7 month-old grandson!  ... » Read More

New Year

As 2011 comes to a close, we all have unique dreams and goals that we hope to achieve for the New Year.  Here is my wish for your good health, happiness and success in all you do in 2012.... » Read More

The Frenzy of December

Happy December everyone!  Although I started getting Christmas gifts in October, the real rush is on now.  I know it's only the first, but I feel like the month will be here and gone before I can blink.  Need to start wrapping {gotta remember where I hid the gifts though!}, finish decorating the tree, find time to bake cookies, make sure the house stays clean, continue to work my other job, wrap presents.....oh yeah, I said that already, and finish up my shopping.  Just hoping we don't get any severe weather surprises and no one gets sick.  Or should I say sicker; my granddaughter was just seen by the pediatrician and has strep thro... » Read More

Mica Shift technique

Mica Shift pendant tutorial.The above necklace and earring set were made using the mica shift technique.  Finished pieces were placed on memory wire.  Black crystals and white glass beads were used to complete the look. I love mica shift!!  Mica shift is a polymer clay technique that shows up as a 3D or ghost image.  There are certain clays that have mica particles in them and when these particles are manipulated {by rolling the clay in one direction over and over with a pasta machine}, the mica lines up.  When stamped, shaved, or just cut, the clay has areas that are darker and those that are lighter, giving a two toned effect.... » Read More