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My 30-Day Daily Personal Painting Challenge

I've been in a painting slump for the past few months, probably due to some huge upheavals in my life and that of my family.  But the dust has settled, even if it's not all swept away, but we are all getting back to normal -- except for my painting abilities.  I wasn't able to paint for a while, again due to a family crisis; but now that I have the time, I feel I've lost something, and I desperately need to regain it (whatever "it" is, but I know it's gone).So I've set myself a small but difficult all the same goal of doing a painting a day, except for one day a week off, for the thirty-something days from February 21 to around March 26, whi... » Read More

Cocker Spaniel Painting just finished

 I just finished a beautiful cocker spaniel painting from photos submitted to me by a  customer.  The painting is a bit large, 16x20, on stretched canvas.  I'll be listing it for sale in just a few minutes on Artfire.  For prints, I created two versions of the painting:  one, just as the painting is done; and then I did a second print of just the head because I know many people just like close-up portraits instead of a full-body print.  This painting was a challenge to do because I'm still a bit rusty after having missed painting for a couple of months,and then only sporadically for at least a month after that.   But I'm fe... » Read More

Struggling with German shorthaired pointer painting

I've been working on the same painting now for over a week, and I feel as if I am going in circles with it.  Too timid?  Yes, I'm afraid so.  It's hard to get back into a place of confidence after being away for a couple of months.  Wish me luck.... » Read More

Still Getting Back to Painting after the Holidays

Unlike a lot of artists probably, I need to paint every single day to be able to keep my abilities up.  Over the holiday season, I was simply unable to.  I love my work (if you can call it that) more than anything else I've ever done -- or ever will do -- in my life.  I live to paint and to learn all I can about painting -- No matter how good others may see me, even in ten more years, say,I will always be striving to be the best that I can be.No one wants to die, I know; but since I know we all do at some point hopefully in the distant future, I want to still be trying to paint to the very best of my ability.  So I hope when my time co... » Read More

Welcome to my Artfire Shop

I am an animal artist, and I paint all kinds of animals, especially dogs, but also cats, farm animals, birds, wildlife, and even landscapes.  I do paintings usually from pictures of dogs and other animals, sometimes from my own photos that I take in and around Portland, Oregon, and anywhere else I travel.  I sometimes work on location as well, especially with my landscape paintings.  Although I no longer do commissioned custom paintings of pets (sorry, no exceptions), I do accept photos to be submitted for possible use in a painting.  I do my very best to create a painting from every set of photos submitted to me, by the way.My regular... » Read More