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Ideas for my next project

I have an idea in mind for my next project and I will give you a hint. Think: Seattle. I also am going to be making some barefoot sandals and slave bracelets. Both are becoming very popular for Spring and Summer. I do have a custom order for a pair of barefoot sandals already. Stay tuned. ... » Read More

New item to list in the next couple of days.

I have been working on a new wrap bracelet in keeping with the St. Patricks Day theme. It is green and a 4 wrap bracelet. I can't wait until it is done and I can take pics and list it. That is all the hints I am going to give right now. Stay tuned, it is almost done. ... » Read More

Revision update

I purchased a new banner for my shop and I have uploaded it. It came from PinkCastleDesigns right here on Artfire. I think it looks great. Anyway, I think I am pretty well done with revising my shop. I still have a couple of pictures I need to edit, but my item descriptions and policies etc, are pretty much done. That took a bit of time, although I think it will be worth it in the end. Keep your fingers crossed, please and any prayers would be appreciated.Have a great day and hang in there, Spring is around the corner!!... » Read More

Blogging is addicting!

I am really getting into this  blogging thing. I am still working on my shop here on Artfire. I have a new banner and I love it, because I love the color purple and also pansies!! If you know me at all, you will know that this is sooo me!! I got my taxes done and we are waiting for the money to come in. I still have some new items that I need to get listed; however, I do have to revamp the photos first. That is the tedious part about a shop makeover, redoing the pictures. I guess I should have taken better pics to begin with and this would not be happening. Oh well, live and learn. ... » Read More

Shop revision update

I am still updating my shop here and I have removed some items, as they are outdated and have not sold. I have also revised all of the information on the items that are still available. Now I have redone the pictures of the first 5 items in my shop. I have alsolisted a new item. ... » Read More

Revamping my Artfire shop

After some critiquing in the forum I have been revamping my shop here on Artfire. I am editing the item descriptions and I will also remove some of the older items and listing new ones with better pictures. Please stay tuned for the results!... » Read More